Find Success. Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community® 

Affiliating with Dr. Dental® Translates into Success

Knowledge, to Doctor Dental®, means educating dentists to new findings in the oral-to-systemic connection. Doctor Dental® Licensure 40 Credit CE Requirement Series aids dental-medical collaborations and networking resulting in the best treatment plan for overall health; a success for dentists and their patients. Success results from having the best strategies—instead of hoping things work out gathering CEs, consider Dr. Dental® Destination Courses designed by a dentist. 

, to Dr. Dental®, means providing dentists ways to find success through Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®.  Having networked with dentists and physicians for over three decades we know considering overall health and providing the best treatment plan possible for patients' needs is the key to success. Three decades ago when Dr. Dental’s founder's private practice first opened, Integrity seemed to be a given. Every dentist known to him carried a genuine moral compass such as having taken the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm—it has changed and is on the rise.

Community, to Dr. Dental®, means reaching out to communities which translates into success for communities and dentists. Dr. Dental® is proud to continue the legacy of three decades of outreach to the community with dentists opening their doors to patients for oral health care regardless of their ability to pay. Dr. Dental® has a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Foundation where outreach dental and oral health programs exist. Doctor Dental®'s aim is to help patients in need of general dentistry. Doctor Dental® helps you achieve general dental care for your overall health so that life can go back to days of feeling better. Please contact if you are a patient in need of care or know of someone in need of care that does not have the dental offices' required funds to see a general dentist for care.

Dental practices permitted to carry the Dr. Dental® trademark are small independently owned private practices across the United States; not chains, clinics or franchises. 

Dr. Dental® participating practices are committed to serving patients with ethics, heart and keeping in mind Dr. Dental®'s brand and motto


Valuing Knowledge, Integrity, Community®

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